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Re-think the Value Proposition    (Colin Fleming - Massmart)

Connected Consumer: Digital Coupons                                     (Lunga Ngcime - Unilever)

South Africa's Connected Commerce: Shopper Insights                                  (Nicholas Barrett - Nielsen)

Mobile Payments in the Age of the Connected Shopper                     (Elias Sikazwe - Snapscan)

International presentations:

Using Virtual Reality as an inspiring selling tool to engage retailers (Dilinie Wanigaratne - Diageo)

Current and future screen innovations (Dilinie Wanigaratne - Diageo)

The cult and evolution of pop-up retail (Sheena Patel - GDR Creative Intelligence)



Omni-channel is the new reality, and retailers need to think differently.

Consumers aren’t just “showrooming”—browsing in store and buying online. They’re also “webrooming”—going online and buying in stores.

Cross-border e-commerce is a growing phenomenon.

Credit card (53%) and digital payment systems (43%) are most commonly used, but online payment practices vary widely around the world.

Online strategies should emphasize differential advantages such as convenience, assortment and value.


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The post-purchase customer experience should not be an afterthought, or a token gesture after the money has gone into the till. Research by IBM Institute of Business Value has shown that the post-purchase experience can make or break a shoppers’ relationship with a retailer, and that it has enormous potential to shape perception of a brand long after the transaction has taken place.    

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What's in Store?

POPAI SA has embarked on a journey to create the largest online gallery of POP images in South Africa. To achieve this we have gained permission from various retailers to, on a monthly basis, go into the store environment and take unbiased pictures of what retail marketing has been placed at that time.

We commenced the process in July 2012 and will be updating the database on a monthly basis. Our goal is to add in the region of 300 in store images per month and continually provide our members with examples of the latest and best displays.

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